When was Ramaswami Naicker ‘Periyar’ born? – 17 September 1879

Where was Periyar born? – Erode, Madras Presidency

When did Ramaswami Naicker ‘Periyar’ die? – 24 December 1973

Which movements were started bu Periyar? –  Self-Respect Movement and Dravidar Kazhagam

What was the name of the weekly started by Periyar in 1924? – Kudiyarasu (The Republic)

When did Periyar leave INC? – 1925


In 1939, E.V. Ramasamy became the head of the Justice Party, and in 1944, he changed its name to Dravidar Kazhagam.

The citation awarded by the UNESCO described E.V. Ramasamy as “the prophet of the new age, the Socrates of South East Asia, father of social reform movement and arch enemy of ignorance, superstitions, meaningless customs and base manners.”

In 1919, Periyar joined Indian National Congress(INC). In 1924, he led a protest in Vaikom (then a small town in Kerala) where lower caste people were prohibited from entering the street leading up to the temple.

In 1930, Ramaswami Naicker supported the bill to abolish Devadasi system.