What is 3554 Amun? – M-type Aten asteroid and a Venus-crosser

When was 3554 Amun discovered? – 4 March 1986

Who discovered 3554 Amun? –  Carolyn and Eugene Shoemaker (Mount Palomar Observatory)

What is the calculated value of 3554 Amun? – $20 trillion

Who calculated the value of 3554 Amun? – John S. Lewis  (in Mining the Sky)


The estimated diameter of 3554 Amun is 2.48 kilometers, making it one of the smallest known M-type asteroids.

The asteroid “3554 Amun” will cross the Earth’s orbit in 2020. It contains (at today’s prices) roughly $8 trillion worth of iron and nickel, $6 trillion of cobalt, and $6 trillion of platinum-like metals.