How many bones form the human skull? – around 29

Which is the only movable part of the skull? – The mandible (the lower jaw bone)

Which is the hardest bone in the human body? – The jawbone

How many bones make up the human face? – 14


A skull is also used as a symbol of poison or death when used with crossbones, or of piracy.

Teeth are not considered to be the bones of the skull.

The skull contains small holes, called foramina, that allow blood vessels and nerves to enter and exit the cranium.

The places where the bones in the skull join together are called sutures. The sutures close and solidify during childhood, but babies have soft sutures that provide some flexibility during delivery. There is an especially noticeable soft spot — a large suture — at the top of a baby’s skull, known as the fontanelle.

The bones in the face, other than the mandible and the vomer — the bone that separates the left and right nasal cavities — are arranged in pairs.